Am I Doing This Right?

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This post is an entry in Modern Parent’s “Am I Doing This Right?” writing contest.

Our dog has been stranded in another country for more than a year.

COVID nomads

Well, technically, we’re the ones who are stranded. We are COVID nomads, displaced by the pandemic.

For the past 9 years, Shanghai…

Finding unlimited confidence, no matter what anyone else thinks

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My children have been eating Easy Mac or ramen noodle cups every day for lunch. I’ve lost track of how long. A part of me is appalled but a larger part of me just doesn’t care anymore. I’ve mastered the secret of unapologetic motherhood and you can too.

I know what you’re thinking

Look, I…

Conventional wisdom clashes with common writer’s advice

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Even a fool is thought wise until he opens his mouth. -Proverbs 17:28

The exception to the rule is when he picks up a pen, right?

Muddling through one’s first week on Medium, a repeated theme emerges quickly.

  • Write every day!
  • Publish 5 times a week!
  • Writer’s write because they…

The first step to fixing the cracks is finding them.

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After more than a decade of marriage, we found ourselves in a bit of a funk. Our relationship was fine, but we knew it could be better. Little did we know that these 3 questions would unlock a major renovation process.

The weekly check-in

It all started with an unassuming Pinterest post. A…

The innovations of the pandemic are revolutionizing family life.

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On the eve of our eleven-ty-thousandth GoogleZoomHangTime, it struck me.

I work online. My kids go to school online. We see the doctor online. We can even visit museums and aquariums online. It’s about time for modern parenting to catch up and take advantage of these technological advancements.

After all…

Playing the game while the rules are changing

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In a landmark decision, the University of California will no longer consider SAT and ACT scores. A clear step in the right direction towards combatting educational inequity. But with teens entering high school, it feels like my kids are paying the price for change.

An ever-changing environment

As parents, we are facing an…

Examining the most effective uses of a powerful rhetorical device

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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…”

Even if you’ve never heard the term anaphora, you know it when you read it. From the opening paragraph of Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two…

Virtual, hybrid, home, or in-person — these are surefire signs that you did it wrong

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I know that it’s been a rough school year. You probably want someone to pat you on the back and tell you that it’s fine. Kids are resilient. There’s plenty of time to catch up. And other pandemic platitudes.

But if you’re looking for someone to tell it like it…

A larger than life pregnancy taught me to question the impossible

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9 lbs 5 oz and 9 lbs 10 oz

Those were the birth weights of each of my twins respectively. I’ll give you a moment to collect your jaw from the ground.

You have questions, I know that you do. …

How to be a ruthless editor in life and in writing

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Do you ever feel busy but not productive? Like you’re always in motion, but never getting anywhere?

I was hooked from the first pages of Greg McKeown’s Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.

Less but better

“Less but better.” A tempting mantra. …

Sara Barnes

Homeschooling mother of three. Raising my family abroad. Lover of strong coffee and a good pun.

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